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Jul 23 , 2014
CBS Investigating Cause of Fire
Mayor Ken McDonald says while it's possible the blaze is linked to a fireworks display, the cause may never be known.
Celebration in Red Bay for UNESCO Status
Red Bay was the location of a centuries-old Basque whaling station, and was added to UNESCO's World Heritage List last summer.
New Digs for Labrador Business Group
The President says this new centre will enhance regional capacity in tourism and economic development.
Trying to Preserve Rock Wall Built by German POWs
Frank Bartlett of Curling says his family property has a rock wall built by five German sailors who were captured during the First World War.
Temperatures, Hydro Demand Soar
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro says loads have been consistently around the 300 megawatt range, likely due to the increased use of air conditioners.
DFO Closing More Salmon Rivers
Regional Manager with DFO Resource Management, Tony Blanchard, says 63 more salmon rivers will close to angling as of one hour after sunset this evening.
Bill 29 Stymied Liberals: Ball
Liberal Leader Dwight Ball told the ATIPPA Review Committee in St. John's yesterday that 28 of 39 pages of the contract were redacted.
Gas Predicted to Drop, but not By Much
Gas may go down this week by around a half cent per litre.
Open Flame Ban Continues in Public Parks
Paul Mackey says given the dry conditions, any open flame fire could do major damage to the park.
New Deal for Ambulance Operators
Community Ambulance Operators Association president Max Taylor says the agreement should help in recruitment.
Shea Blames Province for Shrimp Quota Cuts
Shea says LIFO will not be changed, and had the province rationalized the processing sector, the impact of the quota reductions would have been limited.
Search Intensifies for Missing Man
RCMP say 47-year-old Albert Brake was swimming with friends in Trout River when he left the group.
Police Seek Witness to Collision
RNC are looking for the driver of a blue Dodge Dakota that may have witnessed a collision on the Manuels Access Road on Tuesday.
MUN Looks to Improve Reid Theatre
A series of public consultations began yesterday to discuss what the public wants and needs from the space.
Tuesday's Scores/Wednesday's Schedule
Jays get their pitching and bats going.
Provincial Sports Page
Soccer, softball
Jul 22 , 2014
Missing Man Last Seen Swimming
A search is underway in Trout River.
Missing Teen from St. John's
Brittany Summers was last seen around 12:15 pm Sunday in the area of Topsail Road in St. John's.
More Warm Weather Ahead for August
If temperatures reach over 25 degrees today, then St. John's will match the 1947 record.
Forestry Officials to Resume CBS Battle at Daylight
A fire that had been burning off Thorburn Road in St. John's is now out. Hotspots remain in CBS.
New Obstacle Course Promises to Be Like Nothing Done Before
The Juggernaut, an obstacle course taking place at Clovelly in October, is not affiliated with Mud Immortal.
Warrant Cancelled for Teen Involved in School Lockdown
The boy did not show up for his scheduled court appearance this morning, but his lawyer contacted the court and explained there had been a miscommunication.
Woman Who Drove Drunk Twice in One Day Appears in Court
63-year-old Dianne Bell pleaded guilty to three counts of impaired driving in April.
Ottawa Refuses to Rescind LIFO
Federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea was in St. John's today to meet with the all-party committee on fisheries.
Report Released on Fatal Tug Boat Accident off Burgeo
The Western Tugger was towing the barge Arctic Lift I which was carrying a load of steel rebar when the barge capsized in May of 2013.
Privacy Legislation Hearings Continue
Dwight Ball, who has promised to repeal the bill if he becomes Premier, says his party made 130 requests for information over a two year period.
Hydro Responds to Reports of Smoke and Soot at Holyrood Station
Area residents noticed smoke and soot coming from the stacks yesterday, a sight not commonly seen in the summer months.
Tentative Agreement Reached with Community Ambulance Operators
Government expects the agreement will be finalized within the next number of weeks.
Warm Weather Causing Extra Shedding for Dogs
Linda Pike encourages owners to ensure that their pets have easy access to cool surfaces, water, and shade.
High Temps Means Low Water Level for Clarenville
The town is asking residents to refrain from watering lawns during the day and instead do so in the evening from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Outdoor Fires Banned Across Island
Government officials say until conditions are more suitable a ban will remain in place on all outdoor fires on the island.
Simms: No Land Expropriated for Complex
Mayor Simms says the city is using its own land to build affordable housing units for seniors.
AC/DC 'Dream' Tribute at the Levee This Friday
A tribute to AC/DC will take place this Friday night at the Levee, with Sean Panting, Liz Solo, Suzanne Power and Collin Harris and others.
NunatuKavut to Celebrate 250th of Historic Treaty
The celebration next year will mark the 250th anniversary of what they call the first and only historic British-Inuit treaty ever made.
Man Accused of Assaulting Cops Launches Defence
26-year-old Justin Chipman was targeted in Operation Hoodwink, an undercover RNC investigation.
Ruby Reveals Ruby Church Restorations
Goulds Historical Society President Winston Ruby says they're about to start repairs to St. Matthew's tower.
Business Boot Camp in St. John's for Soldiers
The program was founded at Memorial University by the students and teachers at Enactus Memorial, and is now a program of the Prince's Charities Canada.
Tely 10 Sets New Registration Record
Some 4,183 people have signed up for the annual road race. The previous registration record was set in 2012 at 3,581 entries.
Critic Wants Herbicide Use Stopped Until Review Complete
Tordon 101 was banned for cosmetic use in the province, but it is still used by government to clear large areas of brush and vegetation.
Gaultois Woman Surprised by Bear
A woman in Gaultois woman was shaken by a close encounter with a black bear near here home.
Hillier Secures CBS Liberal Nomination
Town councillor Rex Hillier will represent the Liberals in CBS in the next election.
Committee Looks into Sick Time, Cranberries
The Public Accounts Committee, under MHA Jim Bennett, will examine a broad range of topics over six days of hearings.
Input Wanted For Old MUN Theatre
Closed in 2012 due to health and safety concerns, the theatre has a storied history of hosting a range of performances and events.
Corner Brook Woman Arrested for Fraud
A woman was arrested in Corner Brook last night after a fraud investigation.
Provincial Sports Page
Softball, soccer
Monday's Scores/Tuesday's Schedule
Jays surrender 14 runs.
Jul 21 , 2014
RNC Looking for Man Unlawfully at Large
40-year-old Daniel Johnson was convicted of brutally attacking another man with a three foot piece of steel in 2012.
Lengthy Hiatus for Luring Trial
42-year-old Kevin Kelly's trial began weeks ago, but due to scheduling conflicts the trial has had a few breaks already.
Five Forest Fires Keep Crews Busy
Crews have been grounded for the night, but will be back in the air and on the ground in the morning.
Man says he was Unjustifiably Shot at by RNC
26-year-old Justin Chipman is accused of assaulting four RNC officers with a vehicle, as well as four counts of assaulting an officer and dangerous driving.

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