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Nov 26 , 2015
Ron Hynes Died Still Battling Addiction With Next to Nothing: Joel Thomas Hynes
Joel Thomas Hynes says his uncle 'died of cancer, but cancer was a seemingly inevitable symptom of a much darker, much more aggressive, hungrier 'disease' of addiction.'
Metrobus Driver Receives Heroism Award
A Metrobus driver has been recognized with an national heroism award for helping to save the life of a young woman who was struck by a vehicle in August.
Liberal Lead Over Tories Cut in Half in Latest Poll
The latest provincial political poll shows the Liberals still poised to form the next government, but their lead has been cut by an increase in support for both the PCs and the NDP.
Bill Clarke Sued by Local Businessman
Local businessman John "Bull" Cook is suing property developer Bill Clarke and his company, Powder House Hill Investments, to the tune of $200,000.
Gander Family Hopes for Christmas Reunion
Shelby Penney has been in hospital in Toronto for the past thirteen months, her dad David by her side. Her mom, Pamela Dalley, has been back home in Gander with the rest of her family.
Kent Accuses Simms Camp of 'Dirty Tactics'
Steve Kent says in a post on his Facebook page that he had caught his Liberal opponent's volunteers removing his cards and brochures from mailboxes
Gas to Go Up, Other Fuel Down
Consumers can expect gas prices to be up this week, but other fuels show a drop.
Central Health Employees Win One Million Dollars
The Atlantic Lottery Corporation paid a visit to the Baie Verte Peninsula Health Centre today with a nice little pay out - one million dollars, just in time for Christmas.
Nov 26 , 2015
Hynes Defends Going Public About Uncle's Addiction Issues
Joel Thomas Hynes has taken some criticism for his Facebook post about Ron Hynes, but feels his uncle would understand.
Nov 25 , 2015
Quidi Vidi Flakehouse to be Demolished
City council has approved a new plan for the area which calls for demolition of the existing building to be replaced with a new restaurant.

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