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May 26 , 2015
Corvette Caught on Camera Doing Donuts on Kenmount Road
Several different videos have been posted online showing a red corvette exiting the parking lot of A&W on Kenmount Road, and spinning several times on the busy roadway.
May 26 , 2015
Police Looking for Missing Driver After Grey Corvette Goes Through Fence
The vehicle took out a length of chain link fence in the area and ended up on the field. The driver could not be found.
May 25 , 2015
Cause of Death Uncertain in Glovertown Fatality
Glovertown RCMP Sgt. Larry Turner says just after daylight yesterday morning a man was found dead near his overturned ATV, however, it doesn't appear the machine struck anything.
Council to Vote on Rezoning for Largest Tim Hortons Drive-Thru in City
Council in St. John's will vote tonight to decide whether to rezone an area of Blackmarsh Road to make way for a commercial development featuring the largest Tim Hortons drive-thru in the city.
May 26 , 2015
Threat Discovered at Vale Long Harbour Site
Manager of Corporate Relations at Vale, Bob Carter, says a contractor at the site found a message scrawled on a bathroom stall and alerted officials.
May 25 , 2015
Suspected Impaired Driving Accident Not What it Seemed
Police responded just after 10:30 last night to a call about a driver who had collided with several vehicles in the Leslie Street area of St. John's.
May 26 , 2015
RNC Investigating Dangerous Driving Incident on Kenmount Road
The RNC say they will have a presence in the area of Kenmount Road this Thursday evening as classic car owners gather at A&W as they have for many years.
Case of Owner of Condemned Dog Set Over To July
A man accused of failing to tether his dog and allowing his animal to cause a hazard was called to court today.
May 25 , 2015
King and Queen of the Netherlands Visiting St. John's
Queen Máxima and King Willem-Alexander will be touching down in St. John's before flying overseas.
You Don't Have to be Driving to Get Charged with Impaired
The RNC say a novice driver was pulled over during a routine traffic stop near the Lab City Trailer Court Saturday morning when police learned the accompanying licensed driver was drunk.

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