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  • 123 Days Locked Out: Workers Rally DJ Composites in Gander

    Locked-out union workers at DJ Composites in Gander rallied again today. They want to know why they’re not getting more support for the local community.

    It has been 123 days since unionized workers were locked out by their employer. Since then they say it’s been a long, cold winter, and it’s time the dispute was resolved.

    Plant Chair Ignatius Oram says the ball is starting to move in the right direction for the group. He says they have filed an unfair labour practice against DJ Composites with the labour board, and have just finished a three-day hearing in St. John’s on that. Talks resume May 1.

    Meanwhile National Unifor Spokesperson Bob Orr says there was a noticeable absence at the rally today. He questions where the mayor and councillors were to support the workers. He says this labour disruption is an attack on the community, not just the employees.


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