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  • $2-Million Robot and Two Weeks to Dig Up Canadian History

    A Newfoundland based company hopes to succeed where others have failed as they attempt to locate lost models of the Avro Arrow currently at the bottom of Lake Ontario.

    Kraken Sonar Inc hopes to find one of nine possible replicas of the highly advanced Canadian jet fighter created during a highly advanced program that was abruptly cancelled in 1959. The bottom of Lake Ontario is difficult terrain littered with over 600 test missiles and there are other obstacles to overcome like sheer depth and a massive search area.

    Kraken Sonar Incorporated will deploy its Thunderfish Autonomous Underwater Vehicle into Lake Ontario later this month where it will scan the lake bed for two weeks.

    The free-flight models were launched into the Great Lake in the late 50’s and the ultimate goal of the project is to discover the artifacts, recover them and ultimately put them on display for canadians to appreciate.

    Neil Riggs of Memorial University is a consultant on project, he says he is confident in the capability of the Thunderfish and says the timing of the mission is perfect.

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