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  • Liberals Declare 2019 ‘Year of the Cod’

    Photo courtesy Heritage NL

    Newfoundland and Labrador is going to “kiss” the cod in a very big way in a couple of years’ time.

    The Liberals are introducing numerous policy initiatives that they will pass on to government for consideration including an entire celebration in recognition of what created the island’s economy in the first place.

    The policy was about “Celebrating Cod Culture.” 2017 will mark 25 years since the cod moratorium, so delegates at the Liberal convention want government to commemorate the anniversary by announcing a special event.

    The party also wants to have a week-long festival in 2019 to mark the significance of cod, and for the year itself to be the Year of the Cod. The party wants the festival to “share with the world our long-standing pride in being ‘People of the Cod.'”

    The party passed numerous other motions, including that there be a province-wide ban on plastic shopping bags. The rationale for that ban comes from some areas of the province having already placed the bans, including Nain and Fogo Island. The party also points to a case of a leatherback turtle that washed ashore in Point Lance over the summer and died after eating a plastic bag.

    The policies are non-binding on government.

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