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  • 28th Anniversary of Mount Cashel Closure Marked with New Services for Survivors of Clergy Abuse

    Today is the 28th anniversary of the closure of Mount Cashel, and a local group wants survivors of clergy abuse to know that they are not alone.

    The Pathways Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador was founded in 2013 by Gemma Hickey, themself a survivor of clergy abuse.

    Today Pathways launched a new website and awareness campaign to share the work they do in offering support and picking up the pieces for victims of abuse.

    The wounds are still fresh, with March’s Supreme Court ruling that the Archdiocese was not liable for the abuse, and the appeals process ongoing for some victims now in their 80s.

    Both the government and the St. John’s Edge have donated funding toward Pathways to help expand services. Hickey says this allows them to provide more one on one support, as well as advocacy, and in some cases legal referrals for abuse victims.

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