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  • Advocate Pushes for Plow Guards

    (Stock photo courtesy Earl Noble)

    Jeannette Holman-Price wants the Transportation Association of Canada to follow the City of St. John’s decision to include side guards on trucks and snowplows.

    Holman-Price has been an advocate for the side guards since her daughter Jessica was struck and killed by a snow-removal truck in 2005.

    She says these side guards prevent pedestrians from being dragged under the truck, and she says the cost continues to drop. On a cube van, she says two side guards can be installed for only $280.

    She says the Transportation Association was meeting in St. John’s yesterday, and she cannot understand why they are opposed to the idea. She says there’s no research available that shows side guards do not work. She says they save lives.

    Holman-Price says big transportation, big money. She calls it no different than tobacco.

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