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  • A Matter of Attrition: NDP Press Liberals on Staff Burnout

    The topic of downsizing and government’s attrition policy came to attention during Question Period in the House of Assembly this afternoon.

    NDP MHA Jim Dinn questioned finance minister Tom Osborne about evidence of staff burnout and reduction of services due to the gradual reduction of staff through the policy. Osborne says they’ve been practicing attrition responsibly for the past couple of years.

    Dinn asked what measures government is prepared to take to ensure attrition will not interfere with services going forward.

    Osborne says they’ve reduced the size of the public service primarily through attrition, but they have not allowed their focus on that to interfere with the delivery of services.

    Dinn wasn’t finished there. He says by definition, attrition means that when a staff person leaves, they are not replaced. The rookie MHA pressed further, asking what measures government will take to ensure remaining staff are not overburdened.

    Osborne says it is an important issue, and as people retire most are replaced, but, they do look at positions to determine what ones are no longer needed or where responsibilities can be re-distributed.

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