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  • A Tale of Two February 15ths: Winter One Year, Spring the Next

    February 15, 2017, saw people digging their homes out from under 57 cm of snow. 2018, however, painted a different picture.

    Spring is still a few months away, but folks on the eastern portion of the province got an early glimpse of the season today.

    The warm temperatures and sunny weather enjoyed by many in the capital city was a far cry from the same date last year.

    Valentine’s Day 2017 saw the start of a two-day storm that covered much of the eastern portion of the province with snow.

    In the early afternoon of February 15, 2017, Environment Canada had finally lifted blizzard warnings from St. John’s, the Northern Avalon, Bonavista Peninsula and Clarenville Area, carried from the day before.

    As the weather calmed and the province braced itself for the next rush of winter weather, St. John’s International Airport recorded that 57 centimeters had fallen since the storm began.

    This year, however, with temperatures holding above the freezing mark and clear blue skies, salt-covered cars and even motorcycles could be seen driving through the streets, soaking up the sun.

    The burst of spring-like weather followed another stretch of unusual weather. PAL Airlines and Aerospace Meteorologist Brian Walsh says the St. John’s Airport only recorded about 63.8 cm of snow for the month of January—the lowest amount in eight years.

    Temperatures were also, on average, higher than the norm for January.

    However, it’s not all sunshine and smiles. Low snow levels, especially following the mid-winter thaw, have put snow-based businesses in a tight spot this season, and many outdoor activities have been put out in the cold.

    For winter enthusiasts, all is not lost—eastern Newfoundland has snow forecast for this weekend. Brian Walsh says the region could see 5-10 cm of snow by Saturday morning.

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