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    Today marks the third anniversary of the death of 5-year-old Quinn Lorna-Kay Butt, killed at the hands of her father Trent, at his home in Carbonear in 2016.

    At yesterday’s sentencing hearing, the family of Quinn had the opportunity to address the court with victim impact statements.

    Hear her full statement here:

    But Trent Butt also took the floor.

    ‘I Would Never Hurt Quinn’ says Butt, as He is Sentenced for Her Murder

    It was an apology neither the judge nor Quinn’s mother Andrea Gosse accepted: standing in the prisoner box, shackles around his ankles, a freshly-groomed, neatly-dressed Trent Butt told Gosse that he was sorry. “There’s nobody more sorry than I am.”

    He said, “I know how much you loved Quinn. I loved Quinn very much, and she loved both of her parents.”

    Butt read from a piece of paper, “Andrea, deep down inside, if you look past your anger and hate, you know I would never hurt Quinn. You know I’m not guilty of first degree murder.” Given the public scrutiny and media attention, Butt says he never got a fair trial by judge and jury.

    The convicted murderer says nobody seems to care about what he feels really happened. He wants someone to advocate for him, to listen to the full story, and to tell his story, in an effort to prevent it all from happening again.

    Andrea Gosse told VOCM’s Renell LeGrow she was surprised to hear any kind of apology, but it rang hollow. She says you can’t say you love someone as you smother them.

    Yesterday in St. John’s Supreme Court, the 40-year-old was sentenced to life imprisonment without chance of parole for 25 years.

    Butt killed his daughter before pouring gasoline throughout his home, setting it on fire, and attempting suicide by slitting his wrists. Butt was saved by first responders. Quinn was pronounced dead in hospital.

    Butt received three-years in jail for the arson charge, to be served concurrently to his life sentence.

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