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  • Agreement Needed for RNC to Access MRD Database: Privacy Commissioner

    Information and Privacy Commissioner Donovan Molloy is recommending that the RNC be barred from access to the Motor Vehicle Registration database if an Information Sharing Agreement is not put in place between the two parties.

    That was the conclusion of a recent audit of Service NL’s Motor Registration Division (MRD). MRD handles a huge amount of information and the Privacy Commissioner conducted an audit to ensure that third parties with access to the database are protecting the privacy of those individuals.

    Molloy says no Information Sharing Agreement is in place with the RNC, which uses the database frequently as part of normal policing activities, but that’s led to at least three privacy breaches which were reported to the Privacy Commissioner but not to Service NL and that, he says, is a concern.

    That would include any access to information without a legitimate business purpose.

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