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  • AIMS Makes Case for Privatized NLC

    The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies is making a case for the privatization of the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation.

    AIMS has released the results of a study which compares the NLC with the privatized system in Alberta. The results says senior market fellow, Ed Hollett, are interesting.

    The study looked at the current values of liquor corporations in the four Atlantic provinces where there are monopolies, and compared them to Alberta where liquor stores were privatized over two decades ago.

    He says in Alberta there are 3.5 times more employees working in seven times as many stores and delivering ten times as many products than there were in 1993. In addition, Hollett says they’re providing those services at prices that are lower than most other provinces in Canada.

    Read the study at www.aims.ca/books-papers/liquorvaluation/.

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