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  • Amendments Coming to Traffic Act July 1

    A number of changes are coming to the Highway Traffic Act for the Taxi industry this summer.

    Minister of Service NL, Sherry Gambin-Walsh, along with Registrar of Motor Vehicles, Alan Doody and Derek Hayter of Newfound Cabs, announced the safety amendments coming to the taxi policy on July 1st.

    These changes fall under skilled driving, driving experience in the province, past driving habits and passenger safety and safer vehicles.

    Some of these changes are that new drivers seeking a class 4 taxi license will now have to successfully complete a defensive driving course, and from a professional driving school, take an on-road assessment and up to 5 hours of practical driving experience, then successfully complete a test in traffic given by a Motor Registration Division driver examiner.

    Individuals will also have to hold a class 5 drivers license for at least two years now, up from the previous one year.

    Derek Hayter of Newfound Cabs says these are positive changes to the industry, and the changes are very welcomed.

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