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  • Andersen Brings Muskrat Falls Water Protest to Federal Cabinet

    One man is hoping to get the prime minister’s attention through a modest protest today outside the Federal Cabinet retreat at the Sheraton Hotel in St. John’s today.

    Muskrat Falls protester, Angus Andersen, who is originally from Nain, set up a stand featuring bottles of water with labels that read, “Muskrat Falls Water, 10% Methylmercury.”

    He says the campaign is a way to draw attention to his concerns over safe drinking water in Labrador once the reservoir is full. Andersen is hoping his message of genuine concern will be received by Prime Minister Trudeau.

    Andersen says its seems as though Trudeau is unaware of the ongoing issues of the project, that the liberal government has helped support. He says it’s not just the problem of methylmercury in Labrador’s drinking water, but also fears about further flooding in Mud Lake, stability of the north spur and the incarceration of members of the Labrador Land Protectors.

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