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  • Andy Wells Suspended with Pay as Chair of Public Utilities Board

    Andy Wells, Chair and CEO of the Public Utilities Board has been suspended with pay pending a review of recent public statements.

    Justice Minister Andrew Parsons issued the advisory today.

    Wells has been very vocal as late in his criticism of St. John’s city council.

    It came to light last week that the former mayor had sent Mayor Dennis O’Keefe and councillors Danny Breen and Johnathan Galgay emails that they called “abusive and bullying.”

    Wells outlined a list of what he says are “illegitimate expenditures” at City Hall totalling $5-million. He accused council of “corruption,” and in one of a long series of Twitter posts, called council members “wastrels and cowards.”

    The PUB’s vice-chair, Darlene Whalen will assume the duties of Chair and CEO of the Board of Commissioners of Public Utilities on an interim basis.

    Wells Denies Suspension Related to Comments Towards City Council

    Former St. John’s mayor Andy Wells is denying his suspension has anything to do with recent comments directed at St. John’s City Council.

    While Wells has been critical of St. John’s city council in recent weeks, he says it is not those comments which prompted the suspension and review.

    He says the comments date back in 2011 but are only being made public now and he understands the Justice Minister has to investigate to see if he overstepped his boundaries as Chair of the PUB.

    Wells says he has until July 5 to respond to Parsons and says he will certainly be doing that.

    No Timeline Set

    Justice Minister Andrew Parsons would not specify what statements are under investigation. He says they want Wells to respond to a letter delivered earlier today.

    The Justice Department is conducting the investigation and Parsons says no timeline has been set.

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