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  • Anglican Church Reverses Rejection of Same-Sex Marriage Proposal

    Less than 24 hours after the Anglican Church of Canada narrowly voted not to authorize gay marriages, a second look at the voting process has lead to a reversal of the result with the church now approving the proposal.

    More than 200 delegates attending the six-day General Synod 2016 narrowly rejected the resolution Monday night by just one vote. Many of those delegates demanded a recount when they felt their electronic vote had not been counted. In the end, 155 delegates voted in favour of the resolution, with 68 voting against and three abstaining from the vote.



    In a divisive move, the country’s third largest church, the Anglican Church of Canada, has narrowly voted against authorizing same-sex marriage. Delegates attending the 41st General Synod in Toronto struck down the proposal on same-sex marriage by just one vote.

    The result followed nearly a week of debate that included accusations of bullying. Yesterday, in advance of the vote, Archbishop Fred Hiltz spoke about the accusations saying, “It has come to my attention as a pastor that some members of this Synod have experienced bullying. This kind of behaviour is not appropriate. It will not be tolerated. Surely, we can model a better way.”

    Dozens of speakers had addressed the issue during the six-day meeting, with most in favour of approving a resolution to authorize gay marriage.

    Laypeople and Bishops voted to pass the resolution, but it failed to get the necessary two-thirds majority among clergy, missing that mark by one vote.

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