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  • Angry Protests, Hunger Strike Just the Beginning Says Fish Harvester

    Picture courtesy Donald Spence.

    A fisher out of LaScie who is affiliated with FISH-NL indicates things are going to get even uglier as people fight for what’s left of the fishery.

    Harvesters are trying to figure out what to do with mounting bills and drastic cuts to the crab and northern shrimp fisheries. Terry Ryan was among a group of fishermen who stormed the DFO offices in the White Hills just over a week ago.

    Ryan says that action, yesterday’s protest in Port au Choix that saw fishermen burning their gear, and the hunger strike by FISH-NL Vice President Richard Gillett are just the beginning. He calls it a “sad state” and the only way officials will listen is when people become violent and do extreme things like Richard Gillett’s hunger strike.

    Ryan says tough times are when people should be coming together, but you can’t work with someone who won’t talk to you. He says DFO wouldn’t talk to them until they broke into their building and only then to tell them what they wanted to hear.

    DFO says senior regional officials had a “substantive” meeting with Gillett and FISH-NL President Ryan Cleary on Monday and discussed a wide range of issues. Representatives say federal Minister Dominic LeBlanc is being kept apprised of the situation.

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