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  • Largest Canadian Armed Forces Operation Begins Today in Labrador

    Photo: National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces website

    Operation Nanook, Canada’s largest annual armed forces operation, begins today in Labrador.

    The Canadian Armed Forces will conduct the operation in central and northern Labrador, until August 27th.

    Several hundred members of the Armed Forces will be in and around Goose Bay, Natuashish and Nain. Residents may also see military aircraft flying in the area, as well as two warships operating off the coast of Labrador.

    But a spokesman says live ammunition will not be used, and the operation will not affect emergency services.

    As per the National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces Website:

    Operation NANOOK has taken place each year since 2007. It is carried out across Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, making it the largest military presence in Canada’s North.

    Canada is an Arctic nation. It holds full rights and legal power over its Northern territories. The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) plays a key role in this. It guards Canada’s sovereignty and defends the country against threats in the region. It also works with other agencies to overcome security and environmental concerns in the area.

    The CAF works with international military and security partners on Op NANOOK. They meet once a year in the Arctic to train and work together. This also involves other Canadian government departments and agencies, and allied armed forces. Together, they train to respond to threats to security and the environment.

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