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  • Anyone Sexually Active Should Get Regular STI Tests: Planned Parenthood

    Anyone who is sexually active should get tested for sexually transmitted infections at least once a year.

    That’s according to Planned Parenthood who were responding to yesterday’s VOCM Question of the Day. The vast majority of respondents felt it was not necessary when asked what issues would prevent them from getting tested.

    The province has seen a recent outbreak of syphilis with 56 confirmed cases in 2018. One of those involved a baby that contracted the illness in the womb.

    Executive Director Nikki Baldwin says infections like syphilis proliferate when people refuse to accept there is a problem and get tested.

    She says they see it all the time, especially in small communities where there are fewer options for testing. There are fears the news will get out and as a result, they often see outbreaks in those same communities.

    Baldwin says among those least likely to get tested are those in long-term relationships, but that—she says—is no guarantee that you’re not at risk.

    She says many people think if no one ever knows, they don’t have to worry about it, but that’s definitely not the case. She says barriers include embarrassment, especially in smaller communities where there are fears someone will notice someone go in to see the doctor.

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