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  • Aqualine Executive Outlines Escape-Proof Pens

    An executive with the company making the pens that will be used by Grieg NL in their Placentia Bay development says the pens will be escape proof.

    Martin Soreide says the pen was developed in 2011 in response to a rash of escapes in Norway due to rough seas. The pens are rated to withstand 13 meter waves and if properly installed are escape proof, according to Soreide.

    One vulnerability of the nets is sea ice. Soreide says right now the pens are not designed to withstand sea ice. He says there are ways around the issues.

    He says protection from sea ice largely has to do with the positioning of the net in the water. He says there are other ways companies can work to prevent sea ice from affecting the nets. He says if sea ice becomes a problem with these pens, his company will work to develop pens that can handle sea ice.

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