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  • Arctic Fox Dines on Vienna Sausages After Rescue from Ice Pan

    (Photos courtesy Mallory Harrigan.)

    An Arctic fox that ran into a bit of trouble is safe and sound thanks to the help of a crab fishing crew out of William’s Harbour, Labrador.

    Mallory Harrigan, who is originally from Witless Bay, now lives in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and fishes out of William’s Harbour in the summer with her boyfriend, Cliff Russell.

    Mallory says they came across the little animal on an ice pan about four kilometres offshore last Friday, and couldn’t believe their eyes.

    She says they couldn’t reach the fox while it was on the ice, so they had to ram the pan to break it up, and scoop up the fox in a dipnet when it fell into the water.

    Harrigan says they put the fox in a pan, and they left it alone for a while to calm down. They tried to feed it some bread and crackers, but it didn’t start to perk up until it finally ate a tin of Vienna sausages.

    She says they dropped him off on an island where there are ponds and “lots of little critters and stuff” he can chase after.

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