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  • As Ottawa Steams Toward Legalization, Pot Advocates Smoke Up in Bannerman

    The Federal Liberals are steaming toward the legalization of marijuana in this country, however the jury is still out as to how the provincial government plans to market the product to the public.

    Dozens of pot smokers were sparking up at Bannerman Park in St. John’s yesterday as the clock struck 4:20 p.m. – marijuana enthusiasts observance of the counter culture holiday known as 4-20 each year on April 20th. In previous years, Canadian pot smokers have used the day to advocate for legalization, however protests have diminished under Trudeau’s leadership.

    It is assumed that government will consider liquor stores, drug stores and dispensaries as possibilities to distribute marijuana, but smokers lighting up in St. John’s seem to be somewhat divided as to what method will work best for Newfoundland and Labrador.

    One smoker says he thinks they should not be sold near liquor stores because marijuana and alcohol don’t make a good combination. Another suggests dispensaries would be better and wants patrons to be known to the seller.

    A third reveler points out that many smokers will start growing their own plants and the need to purchase the product will dwindle.

    Businesses Already Preparing for Legalization

    While the majority of people at the park were there to ‘smoke up’, one man at the event has his eyes on the future.

    Darrel Tucker spent the afternoon handing out business cards to inform weed smokers about an upcoming venture of his. He plans to open a company on May 1st called Home Grown that caters to people who grow marijuana at home.

    He says the store will sell hydroponic equipment, lights and plant nutrients for growers. Tucker feels his business is just what the local economy needs and says his products are for all kinds of indoor gardening.

    Tucker says with so many stores closing in St. John’s it is a good thing to see some businesses open up.

    He informs that he will not be selling marijuana and hopes to attract all kinds of customers interested in indoor farming.

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