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  • ASIRT Charges RNC Cst. Joe Smyth with Obstruction of Justice

    (Joe Smyth appears during the Don Dunphy Inquiry. File photo.)

    RNC Constable Joe Smyth has been arrested and charged by the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) following an investigation into a public complaint stemming from a traffic stop in May of 2017.

    Smyth is facing one count of obstruction of justice as the result of an ASIRT investigate launched in November of last year.

    ASIRT Executive Director Susan Hughson says the evidence showed reasonable grounds that an offence had been committed.

    Constable Smyth has been charged with one count of obstruction of justice stemming from a traffic stop on May 12 of 2017, when a ticket was issued for an offence that did not occur.

    Smyth was released to appear in provincial court August 23.

    Smyth was previously involved in the shooting death of Donald Dunphy in his Mitchell’s Brook home in April of 2015. There were no charges and an inquiry into the matter resulted in a number of recommendations.

    Smyth Suspended Without Pay: Chief Boland

    RNC Chief Joe Boland says that misconduct by any RNC officer is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

    Chief Joe Boland says in October 2017, the RNC was contacted by the Crown Attorney’s Office in St. John’s regarding an issue with a traffic stop that had happened May of last year.

    Based on that evidence, Boland says he requested the Department of Justice engage an outside agency to investigate.

    Police received a public complaint the next month from the individual involved in that traffic stop.

    Chief Boland says as a result of the charge laid against Cst. Smyth, he has been suspended without pay until further notice. He says the RNC’s Professional Standards Section will carry out a separate investigation into the officer’s actions following all court proceedings.

    Chief Boland is assuring the public today that misconduct by any RNC officer is not acceptable. He says he will continue to hold any officer who does not represent the RNC’s values accountable for their actions.

    Smyth Maintains Innocence

    Constable Joe Smyth’s lawyer, Jerome Kennedy, says his client is disappointed, but maintains there were no reasonable grounds to lay a charge.

    Kennedy says Smyth maintains his innocence and will vigorously defend himself against the charge that’s been laid.

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