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  • ASIRT Investigating Complaint Against Constable Joe Smyth, Chief Responds to Allegations

    Smyth, testifying at Dunphy Inquiry.

    The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team has once again been brought in to investigate an issue involving police in this province.

    Sources tell VOCM News the member involved is RNC Constable Joe Smyth.


    The RNC confirm that one of their officers is under investigation, but they will not say who it is while the probe is underway.

    Smyth was the focus of a previous SIRT investigation involving the shooting death of Donald Dunphy in his Mitchell’s Brook home on Easter Sunday of 2015.

    An investigation found he was not criminally responsible, and was acting in self defence.

    An inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the incident resulted in a number of recommendations including the formation of a local Serious Incident Response Team, something that the provincial government is working towards.

    SIRT is commonly brought in to investigate incidents involving police officers.

    Smyth was assigned to traffic control and sources tell VOCM News the latest investigation is the result of a complaint regarding a traffic stop involving a motorcycle.

    Executive Director of ASIRT, Sue Hughson says they will not confirm the exact nature of the investigation, or who it involves other than to say it stems from contact a member of the public had with an RNC officer in May of 2017.

    ASIRT was called in by government November 17th, to investigate a “serious or sensitive allegation of potential police misconduct” and investigators were in the province for what Hughson says was a “significant amount of time”, gathering evidence.

    She confirms it is a criminal investigation, but cautions, that does not necessarily mean that criminal charges will result.

    That will be determined by the evidence gathered in the investigation.

    RNC Chief Joe Boland says the force was made aware of an incident alleged to have occurred in May of 2017 involving an on-duty officer during the course that officer’s duties.

    In a statement released today, Chief Boland says he notified the Department of Justice and requested that an outside agency to conduct an investigation into the complaint.

    Chief Boland says now that it is part of an active investigation, he cannot provide any details on the nature of the complaint or identify those involved.

    The officer in question has been temporarily placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the ASIRT investigation.

    Donald Dunphy’s Mitchell’s Brook home.

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