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  • Associate Prof Contests Notion Bennett was ‘Unaware’ of Challenges

    A political scientist at Memorial University wasn’t surprised to see Cathy Bennett resign from politics. Last year, she quit as Minister of Finance after taking a hard-line stance against the unions. On Monday, she announced that she will be leaving politics altogether, effective August 21.

    Associate Professor of Political Science Amanda Bittner says some in the Liberal Caucus are glad that she’s gone. Bennett was one of the MHAs who alleged harassment not only from the public but from some colleagues within the House of Assembly.

    Bittner says there are probably a lot of people in the party who are glad to her officially done as an MHA.

    One of Bittner’s colleagues at MUN, Stephen Tomblin, said that Bennett wasn’t aware that politics was a “blood sport.” Bittner doubts that was the situation.

    She notes that Bennett ran for the leadership of the party, and has been a business owner for a long time. She says Bennett would have known what was involved in being in politics.

    Listen to Amanda Bittner speak with Aiden Hibbs on the VOCM Morning Show below:

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