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  • Astaldi Accuses Nalcor of ‘Playing Games,’ Calls for Payment

    (Photo of construction in June 2017, courtesy Nalcor)

    Astaldi is accusing Nalcor of ‘playing games’ with payment it says it is owed. The company is responding to what it calls ‘inaccurate information’ being shared about unpaid remittances.

    Executive Director of Trades NL, Darin King told VOCM Open Line with Paddy Daly that workers have not yet been paid for almost four months work. He says this is causing serious repercussions, as many are unable to pay their bills.

    Astaldi was issued a stop work order at the Muskrat Falls site last week by Nalcor, after it filed for creditor protection in Italy. Nalcor says the order was issued to prevent further damage to workers, as result of Astaldi’s financial situation.

    “Nalcor Energy has been closely monitoring the financial situation with Astaldi Canada Inc. (Astaldi). Given Astaldi’s inability to continue to pay its workers, Nalcor has directed Astaldi to stop work. We are taking this action to minimize the financial harm placed upon the workers by Astaldi.”

    -Except from Nalcor CEO Stan Marshall’s statement.

    Nalcor says it has paid Astaldi in accordance to their contracted agreement, saying that any amounts owed by Astaldi to its subcontractors and suppliers are its own responsibility.

    In a statement to VOCM News, Astaldi says Nalcor is prioritizing its own interests over workers by using stall tactics to withhold payments due to the company.

    “The simple fact of the matter is that Nalcor has been playing risky games with payment due to Astaldi — money that would go directly to paying workers and union dues.”

    Astaldi says workers deserve the money they are owed. It is calling on Nalcor to release the full amount owed, to allow its accounts to be paid.

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