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  • ATV and Snowmobile Riders Beware, Ice Conditions Far From Ideal

    Winter has taken hold of the province, with reports coming in last week that there was more snow on the ground in metro than at any point in winter of 2017.

    For some, this means heading out onto the ice for activities such as snowmobiling.

    However, the president of Avalon T’Railways Association, Rick Noseworthy, says the conditions are far from ideal just yet.

    He says you need a good 8-12 inches of ice for it to be safe to take a snowmobile or ATV out on, and that it is definitely not safe yet.

    Noseworthy says a big problem is people assuming that the ice is safe enough to go out on.

    He says they hear a lot of stories from early in the season and late in the season where people think that the ice is safe, so they venture out and go through.

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