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  • Autism Services Needed for More Than Just Children: Goold

    Last night the Autism Society held a discussion at Memorial University where panelists talked about what it’s like to live with autism spectrum disorder as an adult.

    What was once lumped-in and grouped together as a single disorder is now understood to be far more diverse, and includes a wide range of symptoms, from social anxiety to heightened sensory experiences.

    Trudy Goold was at last night’s talk. She was diagnosed with autism just before she turned 36-years-old. She says most services are aimed toward children.

    Goold says her life before diagnosis was quite challenging. It’s important, she says, to remember that autism is not a disease, although supports are definitely required.

    She says the concept of autism being an “epidemic” is hurtful, because for many people, autism is just part of their identities.

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