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  • Black Tickle Has Seen ‘Steady Erosion’ of Supports: Todd Russell

    NunatuKavut Community Council President Todd Russell met yesterday with Health Minister John Haggie on what he calls the crisis facing Black Tickle, Labrador.

    Russell says Black Tickle has seen a “steady erosion” of supports and services over the last few years, and removal of the area’s full-time nurse, as announced in the latest provincial budget, exasperates the situation.

    Russell calls it an infringement on the people’s basic human right of access to healthcare.

    Russell says the cuts come as a direct result of the cost of the Muskrat Falls project, which has already done its share to violate the rights of Indigenous people in Labrador, including their food security and way of life.

    He says for the project to bring more suffering to Indigenous people is “deplorable.”

    Russell says he gave Haggie the area’s perspective and will continue to fight for the rights of the community.

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