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  • Blue Lobster Snagged Near Garnish

    A bright blue lobster caught in the ocean near Garnish on the Burin Peninsula is turning heads.

    Trina Grandy says she was pulling in her catch when a splash of blue caught her eye.

    Blue lobsters are the result of a mutation, which gives their shells the unusual hue. Some scientists have put the rarity of blue lobsters at one in two million—however, recent reports say they may actually be more common.

    Such coloration is not unheard of in local waters either. Grandy says it’s not the first she’s encountered. She estimates she has seen six in total over her 25-year career

    Photos of the lobster were shared by the FFAW-Unifor this week, gathering hundreds of views.

    Whether the catch is one in a million, Grandy says she doesn’t necessarily feel any luckier but she’s certainly happy she had the chance to see it.

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