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  • Boa Constrictor in Pouch Cove Not Likely to Attack

    A local exotic animal expert says that people should remain calm about the Boa Constrictor that escaped from a house in Pouch Cove.

    Leanne Guzzwell, the owner of Leanneazon, has been working with snakes for just over a decade. She says that snakes do not like to be out in the open, and they will likely hide away from public view. Possible hiding places for the animal include out in the woods or underneath something where it cannot be seen.

    Guzzwell says that there aren’t many signs to watch for that would indicate a snake is nearby. One thing to look for would be beaten down grass that the snake could have crawled through.

    She says that if you encounter the snake to remain calm, and to call a trained professional, such as herself or animal control, to come capture it.

    Guzzwell also notes that the snake is not dangerous or venomous, but that the public should exercise caution because the snake may bite if it feels scared or threatened.

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