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  • Bookstore Owner Meets with Government on Book Tax

    (Photo courtesy Broken Books via Facebook.)

    The owner of a local bookstore says a meeting with the provincial government is the first step in a longer dialogue about the problems with a province-wide book tax.

    This week Broken Books owner, Matt Howse, sat with representatives from the finance department to discuss the book tax and what it means for the people of this province.

    Howse says after months of trying to arrange a meeting he’s pleased with how the meeting went.

    He says they discussed how the tax will be crushing for local businesses, outlined the social factors around cutting libraries and taxing books in a province known for illiteracy rates, and the fact that many online retailers are not collecting this tax which puts him at a great disadvantage.

    As of now there are a few major retailers that are applying the tax to online book sales, but Howse says there are thousands of retailers and this is going to cause the finance department a lot of trouble.

    He says the book tax gives people incentive to shop outside the province and he’s pleased they began a dialogue that he’s been trying to arrange since November.

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