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  • Bra Chain Successfully Climbs Signal Hill

    A long chain of bras made its way up Signal Hill this afternoon as part of an awareness and fundraising campaign in support of patients receiving cancer treatment.

    The Sunshine Squad and WINK – or Women in Networking Kindness – partnered to create a chain of bras stretching the length of Signal Hill Road. They set a goal of over 3,000 bras to span the 2.1-kilometer stretch.

    The group braved cold and windy conditions on Signal Hill this afternoon, but there was no stopping them.

    Sherry Lynn Davis, President of the Sunshine Squad of Newfoundland and Labrador says it was a big accomplishment for the cancer community.

    She says this is what kindness and community spirit is all about and when you have people behind you anything is achievable, no matter what the weather.

    Davis says they had people of all ages and sizes.

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