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  • Brake Appears in Court for Involvement at Muskrat Falls Occupation

    Justin Brake, the editor of the Independent, appeared in Happy Valley-Goose Bay Supreme Court yesterday for his involvement and coverage of the Muskrat Falls occupation last October.

    Brake’s lawyer, Geoff Budden, argued in filing its application for an injunction on October 24, 2016 that Nalcor had an obligation to inform the court Brake was a working journalist at the Muskrat Falls site.

    Brake, along with a number of protesters, were served a court injunction after storming the Muskrat Falls gates and occupying the site during the protests.

    Brake says his case is a glimpse into the wider issue of journalistic freedom.

    He says his case could have implications for the rights of journalists as there are several threats to press freedom across Canada happening right now.

    A number of journalism organizations are following the case including the Canadian Association of Journalists and the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression who reported on the case on social media yesterday.

    Brake says it’s important journalists be allowed to report freely without fear of prosecution.

    He says if anything like the Muskrat Falls protests happens again he hopes he would have access to information like what he was reporting.

    Brake says he hopes journalists don’t have to face backlash from corporate and government interests if they want to cover things like an Indigenous-led resistance against those very interests.

    A decision on the case is scheduled for March.

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