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  • Bridge-Building Competition Fosters Interest in Science, Engineering for Hundreds of Students

    Nearly 500 teams of students in grades 7-9 competed at the 26th Annual Bridge Day bridge building contest at the Geo Centre over the weekend.

    Sponsored by the Professional Engineers and Geosciences Newfoundland and Labrador, the competition saw students build a bridge with popsicle sticks and glue, which is tested to see what kind of weight it can withstand.

    CEO, Geoff Emberley, says the competition has its roots in building children’s curiosity. He says the competition builds student interest in subjects like science, technology, engineering and mathematics and by developing interest at this age it leads to interest down the road.

    Emberley says it means a lot to see children building bridges that are not only strong but are build with beautiful aesthetics and follow engineering guidelines.


    Brother Rice grade 7 students, Caitlyn Sheppard and Olivia Slade, competed this year and say it reaffirms their love of engineering.

    Sheppard says her dad is an engineer and she’s enjoys building things with him while Slade says she always wanted to be an engineer and after bridge building competition she definitely still wants to.


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