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  • Cab Driver Describes Argument Over Money, Fight Before Fatal Stabbing

    The cab driver that chauffeured Craig Pope and Jonathan Collins on the day Collins was stabbed and killed took the stand today at Pope’s murder trial.

    He’s facing second degree murder in Collins’ death. It happened September 2017.

    Jeff Cromwell worked with Jiffy cabs, and on that day, was waiting to be paid on Alderberry Lane after what he described as a tour of the city.

    There were three people in the cab: two men and a woman. After multiple stops, the woman got out.

    Cromwell testified an argument erupted over money, and told the jury the names of the two passengers were Pope and Collins.

    Cromwell says he witnessed punches, but didn’t see a weapon.

    (Hand print identified as Craig Pope’s following an investigation.)

    After the fight, Cromwell says Collins was left in the middle of the road, gasping for air, while members of the public tried to help. Cromwell dropped Pope off near Elizabeth Avenue.

    Court is now adjourned until Monday.

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