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  • VIDEO Cab Driver Hailed as Hero After Rescuing Four People from Burning Vehicle

    “God, you gotta help me.”

    …and with that, Jiffy cab driver Mike Stapleton says he found the strength to wrench open the door of a car that crashed early Sunday morning to save the four young people inside.

    Stapleton is being hailed as a hero after he jumped into action when he came upon the scene around 2:30 Sunday morning not long after dropping a fare off in Shea Heights.

    Stapleton says as soon as he saw the crash scene, he knew he had to take action. He says the driver was unconscious, and one of the backseat passengers was fading in and out of consciousness while the two girls were trapped and screaming.

    Stapleton saw smoke coming from under the bonnet of the car and knew he had to act fast. He got the young man out of the back of the car and then went to work on removing the others.

    He got one of the girls out, and tried to get the door to the front of the car open but it was heavily damaged from the impact and jammed solid. That’s when he asked God for help – and he ripped the door open.

    Covered in blood, Stapleton says he watched as the car exploded. He got some help from another Jiffy driver who helped him move one of the injured girls away from the scene, which he says is when “KABOOM!” – the car exploded.

    All four young people were taken to hospital. The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

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