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  • Cain’s Quest Helps Family Visit Son’s Final Resting Place

    The parents of a young Labrador man who died in a tragic cabin fire six-years ago were able to visit their son’s final resting place, thanks to the help of Cain’s Quest.

    Jamie Lewis died in 2012. A lover of the outdoors and The Big Land, his parents decided it would be there – deep in the woods, on top of Sim’s Mountain – they would lay their son to rest.

    Jamie’s ashes were spread and a memorial was placed at the site. It’s only accessible by snowmobile, along rough terrain, and Jamie’s mother Maxine Lewis never thought she would be able to visit the site. Her husband Brian Lewis had volunteered with Cain’s Quest, moving the video team from checkpoint to checkpoint.

    With only a few hours remaining on their contract with Universal Helicopters, Cain’s Quest agreed to take Maxine and Brian to see the memorial, and their son Jamie’s resting place.

    Brian and Maxine Lewis – A Special First Time Trip to Their Son’s Memorial from Taylor Reid Creative Agency on Vimeo.

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