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  • Canada Post Blames Workers for Delayed Christmas Packages

    Local CUPW spokesperson Craig Dyer says he’s not familiar with any delays in parcel delivery leading into Christmas.

    Canada Post reportedly has a backlog of 6-million packages in postal deliveries.

    Canada Post is blaming recent rotating strikes, while the union is pointing the finger at mismanagement.

    Dyer told VOCM Open Line with Paddy Daly they’re all working hard, and he hasn’t personally experienced any backlogs in parcel delivery.

    He says he’s ordered things himself online and received them in a couple of days. He blames any potential backlog on the busy Christmas season.

    Dyer says the corporation is using what he calls forced overtime to deal with the surge in e-commerce.

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    If you’re waiting for Christmas packages sent by mail, you might have to wait a little longer.

    Canada Post is saying it still can’t guarantee delivery in the lead up to Christmas this year, and they’re putting the blame squarely on their employees.

    CUPW members held rotating strikes for five weeks before being legislated back to work last month. The Crown corporation says the strikes created a six-million-package backlog.

    However, Union President Mike Palecek says poor management is to blame for the delay, and disputes the idea that rotating strikes caused backlog.

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