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  • Cancer Society Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Daffodil Campaign

    The Canadian Cancer society celebrated the launch of the annual daffodil campaign as the initiative marks a milestone anniversary.

    Every April, Canadian Cancer Society volunteers raise money through the sale of fresh cut daffodils as a way to help people living with Cancer and support research efforts.

    89-year-old Margot Reid is the longest serving volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society in the country today with 66 years under her belt. Reid is pleased to attend the 60th anniversary of the daffodil campaign launch as she is responsible for bringing the initiative to this province years ago.

    Reid says medication and treatments have steadily advanced over the decades and points out that survivor statistics have drastically improved. She acknowledges the growing support offered to people fighting Cancer by Daffodil Place and reflects on the evolution of the campaign.

    Reid says as chair of the local society, she heard that the Toronto society was selling daffodils. She seized the opportunity, and jokes that her cohorts thought she had six heads. Reid says they started with 5,000 dozen flowers and today they sell 26,000 dozen. She says, “We’ve come a long way baby.”

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