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  • Carbon Plan Still Being Refined, says Osborne

    Could the federal carbon plan be falling apart? The province’s Finance Minister indicates things are still in flux as it relates to a carbon pricing plan for this province.

    Each of the provinces have been asked by Ottawa to come up with their own carbon plan, but some, including Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba have all announced that they will not be introducing a carbon tax.

    Opposition critic Barry Petten has called on the provincial government to announce its plans, but Finance Minister Tom Osborne says they’re still in discussions with the federal government.

    He says Ottawa is indicating that the implications for provinces that have rejected the idea of introducing a carbon tax will be much more “far-reaching” on businesses and residents than if they came up with a plan of their own.

    He says a provincial plan would be easier than a national one, but if other provinces don’t sign on, neither will Newfoundland and Labrador.

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