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  • LISTEN Carbon Tax Could Help Power Next Generation of Green Companies, says Consultant

    The carbon tax could kill two birds with one stone by penalizing emissions and investing in green tech at the same time.

    That’s according to Erin Stapleton, an environmental consultant moderating several panels at the New Leaf conference.

    The green economy and technology conference, is being held this week in St. John’s.

    Stapleton says with only about ten years left to do anything meaningful about climate change, there needs to be a fee for putting emissions into the atmosphere. But the carbon pricing doesn’t need to be a negative.

    Stapleton says rather than just another tax, carbon pricing is a way to charge a fee to companies still putting emissions into the atmosphere and reinvest that money into companies trying to fix the problem.

    The New Leaf conference is Wednesday and Thursday at the Holiday Inn in St. John’s.

    Listen to Erin Stapleton on the VOCM Morning Show with Paddy Daly below:

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