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  • Carbonear Doctor Leaving Province, Says System Driving Him Away

    A physician in Carbonear is closing up his practice and leaving the province due to a lack of co-operation and coordination between the hospital and local doctors, something he says was preventable.

    Dr. Jarbo has given notice to his patients that he will be leaving by posting a strongly worded notice on his Facebook account.

    Dr. Ash Jarbo says many physicians stay for a short period of time. But he says he and his family moved to Carbonear in 2013 with the intention of staying permanently. He says he has a house and his three daughters were born in Newfoundland, so he wanted to be here.

    Jarbo, who used to be a specialist at Carbonear Hospital, says many of the specialists are overworked, and family physicians have no flexibility within the system.

    He says he doesn’t believe he’s the only one experiencing the issues, and the proof is in the region’s track record.

    He says if you look at the number that resign from Carbonear Hospital, there’s a big number there and there must be a reason behind it.

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