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  • Care Home Operator Surprised by Government Payments to Landlord for Emergency Shelter

    The operator of a care home for people with mental illness says she was surprised to hear what a St. John’s landlord was paid to provide emergency shelter to people who are otherwise hard to house.

    Jackie Cluney told VOCM Open Line with Paddy Daly she was shocked to learn how much Leonard Phair made from the provincial government last year compared to what she gets.

    NDP Leader Gerry Rogers says Phair took in $700,000 in government payments last year despite the fact that she was told conditions in his University Avenue home are “horrendous.” She questions why there is no oversight in those types of situations.

    Cluney of Cluney’s Home says she has standards that need to be met for people with complex needs and she gets nowhere near that amount of money.

    She says her home falls under the same regulations as a Personal Care Home, so she has to maintain 24 hour staffing levels and meet other standards and regulations for supervised care.

    She has 14 people in her home, and provides three meals and snacks as well as maintain the home and repair damages caused by residents with more challenging needs.

    She says they’re caregivers, which describes it all.

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