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  • CBS Getting Back to Basics with 2019 Budget

    Photo courtesy Susan Haskell.

    It is budget day in the town of Conception Bay South.

    Deputy Mayor and Chair of the Finance and Administrative Services Committee, Richard Murphy will bring down the 2019 budget this evening at the Town Hall.

    CBS Mayor Terry French says as a council, they quickly realized that residents wanted to see them focus on the basics and the core services like roads, infrastructure, safety, snow clearing and more.

    He says they’ve had to move away from a lot of the things that are “nice things” to do as a municipality and concentrate on the “must things” to do.

    (French says to operate a town now is increasing year after year. They have faced substantial increases for 2019 that they never faced in 2018.

    He says its a bit of a mixed bag but he assures residents that every single department has done what they can to reduce costs, and he believes residents will see that in their budget.)

    A live stream of the event will also be available on the town’s Facebook page. Everything is set to get underway this evening at 6:00 p.m..

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