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  • Chamber of Commerce Weighs in on Marystown Shipyard Deal ‘Delay’

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    The Burin Peninsula Chamber of Commerce says it was taken by surprise by recent news that an agreement on the former Marystown Shipyard has been delayed.

    The chamber says business and industry on the peninsula were looking forward to a more positive economic climate in the region but those hopes were dashed by the suggestion that the project has been delayed.

    Mayor Sam Synard has suggested that the problem lies with the provincial government, while the Department of Municipal Affairs late last week said the ball is in the municipality’s court as they await needed documentation.

    Chamber President Russ Murphy says the shipyard has been idle since 2015. They were anticipating movement from St. John’s businessman Paul Antle and Marbase.

    He says government red tape is not helpful to economic development. He says all the preliminary work has been carried out, and the region is awaiting the green light.

    Murphy is appealing to the parties to get together and “approve this project.”

    He says Paul Antle will be their guest speaker at the Chamber’s AGM March 6 and they’re hoping for more positive news by that time.

    Working Towards Deal

    The Liberal member for Placentia West-Bellevue says he and government are actively working to make the deal possible. Mark Browne thanked Peter Kiewit and Sons and the town of Marystown for their work and desire to get the shipyard back up and running.

    The town is looking to purchase the facility and then lease it out.

    Browne is in favour of the town purchasing the facility, but says there are a number of financial and environmental conditions that have to be met first.

    Browne told VOCM Open Line with Paddy Daly he understands the frustration, and says they’re down to the last couple of issues.

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