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  • Chapel’s Cove Man Still in Serious Condition After Being Burned in Brush Fire

    (File photo.)

    The son of an elderly man who was seriously burned when a brush fire rushed out of control on his property in Chapel’s Cove Tuesday afternoon has serious concerns about the entire health care system.

    86-year-old Bernard Hawco suffered serious burns to his lower extremities. His neighbour, Paul Furey, happened to come out of his house at the right time for another purpose and rushed over when he saw what was happening.

    He helped remove the elderly man’s burning clothes but had trouble getting his neighbour’s melting boots off. Furey himself suffered a minor burn to one of his hands.

    Gerard Hawco says the two-way radio in the ambulance didn’t work so they couldn’t notify the hospital that they were on the way. To make matters worse, his dad had to wait 20 minutes in the emergency room as family filled out forms.

    Hawco says paramedics in the ambulance didn’t even have the hospital phone number.

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