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  • Ches’s Chessboard Raises Eyebrows, Copyright Issues

    Photo courtesy Wallace Ryan.

    A bizarre piece of merchandise might be ripping off a Newfoundland institution.

    St. John’s store Downtown Comics posted to its facebook page that it had in stock a very peculiar board game, shipping in from China. The box describes it, in Russian, as a magnetic chess board. But the logo on the box bears more than a passing resemblance to that of Ches’s Fish and Chips.

    When they realized what they had, the comic store immediately removed the game from the shelf and informed Ches’s.

    The logo is missing an apostrophe and has replaced the phrase “Famous Fish and Chips” with Classic Magnetic, but otherwise is virtually indistinguishable from the well-known restaurant’s classic logo.

    The box also says “Patented Product. Counterfeiting Not Allowed”.

    Ches’s Fish and Chips did not comment, other than saying it is clear copyright infringement and that they are speaking with their lawyer.

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