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  • City, Companies Consider Realities of Taxi Regulation

    Members of St. John’s City Council, representatives from the RNC and taxi company owners all sat down for a meeting on regulations surrounding taxi drivers at City Hall yesterday.

    St. John’s City Councillor Sheilagh O’Leary says everyone involved was pleased with what came out of it. She says more than 20 people showed up to help inform everyone at the table about things like the difference between a vulnerable sector check and a criminal background check and express concerns about the lack of regulations in the taxi industry.

    O’Leary says cities with taxi regulation bylaws are cities with a municipal police force that can enforce them and that Newfoundland and Labrador needs province-wide regulations so police can make sure taxi companies are held to account.

    She says even though the city can issue licenses they do not have the ability to enforce the current regulations. O’Leary says the answer is provincial legislation that not only protects people outside of the city, but prevents cab companies from outside St. John’s coming in and bypassing city regulations.

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