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  • City Councillor Wants Seniors Discount Lowered to 55

    A St. John’s City Councillor wants to see the age requirement for the seniors discount lowered and calls on Council to start planning for the growing number of older residents.

    Councillor Tom Hann was disappointed to see Council approve a committee report keeping the seniors discount eligibility age at 65 years old last night. He thinks the city should bring it down to 60 years old, as a first step and eventually lower it to 55 years old.

    Hann says offering a financial break to older adults will increase access to services. He thinks the City should do everything possible to prepare for, what he calls a ‘drastic increase’ to the number of senior citizens living in the province.

    He cautions that the city isn’t ready for the shift and plans to take the issue further.

    Hann warns: the tsunami is coming and the city isn’t ready for it. He says that staff has recommended the age stay where it is but plans to take his concerns back to the finance committee, as he feels, it is such a small issue.

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